1. Pierwsza rata/wpłata - w przypadku kiedy płatność na wydarzenie rozbita jest na 2 raty, traktowana jest jako zadatek. W przypadku rozbicia płatności na 3 raty - pierwsza oraz druga rata traktowane są jako zadatek. W przypadku gdy wpłata dokonana jest od razu w całości, jak zadatek traktuje się taką jej część, która stanowi równowartość pierwszej raty, przewidzianej przez organizatora.

2. W wyniku sytuacji losowych, niezależnych od organizatora, Point Dance Studio zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany instruktorów prowadzących warsztaty. Zwłaszcza w przypadku braku możliwości podróży instruktora z powodów ograniczeń w przemieszczaniu się pomiędzy krajami i związanymi z tym restrykcjami.

3. Uczestnicy wydarzenia zobowiązani są do przestrzegania zasad bezpieczeństwa w miejscu organizacji eventu.

4. Uczestnik odpowiada za wszelkie szkody spowodowane przez niego w miejscu organizowanych przez Point Dance Studio wydarzeń oraz imprez.

5. Point Dance Studio nie odpowiada za kontuzje, uszczerbki na zdrowiu i urazy, powstałe podczas warsztatów oraz wydarzeń organizowanych przez Point Dance Studio. Każdy uczestnik bierze w wydarzeniach na własną odpowiedzialność. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                        POINT DANCE STUDIO


Rules of Participation

Big Point

14 – 15 April 2018, Poznań


  1. Big Point is a project dedicated to all dancers from Poland and from abroad.

  2. Date: 14 – 15 April 2018

  3. The exact place of the workshop and waacking contest will be given on the FB website - Big POINT.

  4. Organizer of Big Point event is „Point Dance Studio” Dance School.

  5. Goals of the event:

    - strengthening and development of the polish and world dance scene

    - exchange of experiences and skills between dancers from different countries      
    - popularization of dance as an active form of spending time 

  6. The program of the event is included in the event schedule and provides:

            - dance workshops,

            - dance competition and a dance party.

            The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of the event as well as change the place of the workshop and the event.

  7. Participation:

    Each person who wants to take part in the event is obliged to send the application to the Organizer by email: and pay the fee for the workshops and / or competition within the prescribed period

      The application must contain:

       1) name, surname, city / country, date of birth, phone number.

       2) information about what the application refers to:

           a) Tony package

           b) Waacking package

           c) Waacking competition:

            - beginners category

            - open category

            For example:

    1) Anna Kot, Berlin / Germany, 30/12/1993, 500 300 400

    2) Waacking package, waacking beginners, 2 Tony classes

  8. The number of places on the lists is limited to:

    - 90 people: Tony-Gregory workshops

    - 90 people: waacking workshop

    - 100 people: waacking competition

    The Organizer automatically closes the start lists, after filling the limit.

  9. The participant is obliged to pay the fee for the workshops or for the contest within the deadline set by the Organizer. The lack of an appropriate fee within the prescribed deadline results in removal from the start list or the release of a workshop space.

  10. If the Participant pays the selected package but does not use it (absence from workshops/contest) - the Organizer does not return the money. If a person resigns from participation before the date of event, the Organizer does not return payed money to the applicant; it is possible for another person to take applicant’s place on the list, if applicant finds such person by him-/herself.

  11. Entry to the workshops, contest and a party is possible only with the presentation of the appropriate wristband. If the wristband is damaged or broken, the Participant must report to the Organizer with a damaged/broken wristband in order to get a new one.

  12. If the Participants of workshops dance in heel shoes - it is possible to use only shoes with a thick cork; in the case of narrow heels - Participant must apply protective covers to heels. The Organizer reserves the right to prohibit the use of shoes in the training room, if it could cause damage to the parquet/floor.

  13. Recording and photographing workshops will be carried out by persons employed for this purpose. Participants can not record or photograph workshops.

  14. Each Participant organizes their own transport, food and accommodation on their own.

  15. Each Participant insures himself on his own. The organizer is not responsible for any accidents caused during the event and for the consequences of non-compliance with the regulations and recommendations.

  16. All Participants of the event are obliged to comply with health and safety rules, fire protection rules and safety rules everywhere, where the project will take place.

  17. Organizers watch over the course of the event, therefore the Participants are obliged to strictly follow their instructions and recommendations.

  18. People taking part in the event are obliged to observe the principles of personal culture and respect for the other person.

  19. The Organizer is not responsible for private items lost or left during the event.

  20. The Participant is responsible for any damage caused by the Participant.

  21. The Organizer is not responsible for minors taking part in the event. Legal guardians are responsible for underage Participants during the event, as well as when travellin to and from the venue.

  22. The parent /legal guardian must consent to the participation of a minor Participant in the event. The minor Participant must send such consent to the Organizer before the event.

  23. The Organizer may select people who want to take part in the event. Participants are strictly prohibited from bringing pyrotechnic materials and other tools and objects that may threaten safety, smoking cigarettes and tobacco products, taking any stimulants, intoxicants, etc. Minors are prohibited from drinking alcohol during the event. People not complying with the above-mentioned point will be immediately removed from the event. If necessary, the Organizer may call the law enforcement service.

  24. In case of dispute issues not regulated by these regulations, the decision is made by the Organizer of the event.

  25. People not complying with these regulations may be removed from the place of the event.

  26. Participating in the event means full acceptance of the regulations and expressing forever and unconditionally consent to the free photo, video and TV registration of all presentations and their use, publication and broadcast in any media and by the Organizers, as well as the use of personal data in the event materials.